Ann Shriver Sargent

Designer and Mother in Boston, Massachusetts

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I ‘m a founder of PORTE-COCHÈRE where I get to meet and champion the most talented and amazing interior designers around the world. If you know one, make an introduction. If you make the beautiful things that inform their designs, contact me. If you are an investor looking for a company with killer leadership team and industry knowledge ask us to pitch! we are currently raising a seed round.

Before I launched this new venture I lead design teams for 28 years. My work ethic and character was built working from a young age at a variety of jobs, notably with horses (including a stint galloping race horses), camp councilor, waitress, bar tender, French pastry cook at a German deli on 86th street, travel agent, door to door sales and nanny. I lived with my grandparents when I was a kid and my grandfather was the police commissioner, so I steered clear of trouble. As an adult I have lived in Boston, NYC, Paris, Virginia and Vermont.

I am fascinated by the human brain and in awe of the human spirit, and most grateful for the animal spirit. My kids are perusing their passions and spend copious amounts of time outdoors, a legacy of our family and time spent in Vermont. My favorite way to spend time with just about anyone is sharing the preparation and enjoyment of a meal and a conversation. My favorite place to do that is off the grid on a lake in Canada. My favorite way to spend time alone is reading, just about anything. My current board work is for the President Calvin Coolidge Foundation; notably we are hosting debate camps and competitions for amazingly engage high school students from across the country, a great way to learn both sides of an issue!

  • Work
    • Porte-cochère, Sargent Design Company
  • Education
    • Boston University
    • Ex. Ed. Tuck School, Dartmouth