Ann Simms

San Francisco

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I am an artist living and working in San Francisco.
I am also a Southerner, raised in Charleston, South Carolina and strongly influenced by the dark beauty of the region and its rich cultural and literary heritage. I am especially interested in exploring the realtionship between unconscious processes and creativity.

I work in multiple mediums including painting, photography, and mixed media. Much of my work explores states of being, whether these be internal or in relationship to external reality. The work is a process of endless discovery and a challenge to see beyond the surface and let emerge what will be......

What others are saying about my work

"Beautiful, impressive work saturated with soul vibration"

“ It rips your heart out! “

"The work delights for explosive painterly abstraction and dramatic hue saturation."The diptych format provides a brief structural relief from the movement and aggressive mark making, but the large physical scale is sure to suspend any easing distance for the viewer. We become enveloped and eventually taken over by the movement and densely packed atmosphere."

  • Work
    • 2150 Folsom Studio 11
  • Education
    • BA University of S.C
    • MSW University of Denver
    • San Francisco Art Institute
    • UC Berkeley