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Annsley Marks

My name is Annsley Savanna Marks and I am from Cumming, Georgia. I grew up in a very small Christian school and I believe that my school had a huge impact in the person that I have become. Throughout my life I have always been very driven and enjoyed being a leader, but at the same time I tend to be very reserved and shy. I hated any attention being brought to myself. I am more of a behind the scenes leader. I never wanted to try playing sports throughout elementary school because my older brother played them so I was content just watching him. But then in fifth grade, my mother and my teacher decided that I should play basketball, so I tried it. I was completely terrified because at such a small school, fifth graders practiced along with the varsity team which was intimidating. But as the years went on, I grew to love basketball and become a very key player on the team. I led the team as team captain throughout my sophomore, junior, and senior years. The opportunities to be a leader were endless and I took up any that I could. From leading the basketball and volleyball teams, to being the president of my school's chapter of National Honors Society, I grew to be an experienced leader with a heart to lead and help others and I hope to continue my leadership here at UGA. Coming from a small school, UGA can be a little overwhelming, but I have the most loving and supporting family to go home to or call home to when things get tough. Family has always been a huge part of my life, from weekly Sunday dinners with all of my extended family, to living next door to my grandparents. My small private school, who all became like a family to me, along with my strong relationship with my family have definitely shaped me into the person that I am today.