Ann Sterckx


In deep connection with nature, I live and experience it deeply with all my senses. In my personal and professional life you will know me as a cultural creative: fostering new participative and collaborative methods in organizations and systems I am part of; back to basics, gardening, veggie, downsizing use of energy, consuming less, swapping goods and services, local products and services, initiating a company garden and orchard, etc ...

My mission and passion exists about helping professionals in re-connecting with the Essence of their inner self, of their life and of earth in co-creation. Helping in developing a more ecological and sustainable way of doing business, organising labour, lifestyle ... As such I am always interested to get in touch with people with the same mission ...

  • Work
    • HR, sustainability
  • Education
    • master in psychology, organizational psychology
    • master HRM
    • Coaching