Anole Hotrunner

Zhejiang, China

Anole Injection Tech is a well known hot runner nozzle supplier & manufacturer in China famous for its advanced chinese hot runner technologies and solutions all over the world.

ANOLE HOT RUNNER mould injection system is developed by hot runner designed in Portugal and manufacturered in China,it is hot runner system with good quality,service and price. Offering you solutions for hot runner system design,hot runner manufacturing and hot runner installation and hot runner after sales service. ANOLE HOT RUNNER manufacturing was founded in 2000, ANOLE Injection Molding Technology Co. is a technological intensive Sino-Portuguese joint venture with the concentration upon the HOT RUNNER research, development and service of high-tech plastic injection mould HOT RUNNER . ANOLE HOT RUNNER manufacturing is located in Huangyan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang—town of mould in china, registered capital of 1.5 million USD and the average yearly output of 30,000 tips of HOT RUNNER nozzle tips. ANOLE HOT RUNNER won an excellent reputation from international markets for her reliable quality and stable performance.