Anominmo is an eclectic digital web composer, producer, musician who likes to experiment any type of electronic movements. He is now trying to find the best way to compose very personal hi-tech music such as: Minimal, Psytrance and Abstraction.

He is a very open mind person, he starts to study and listen to music since he was children, his young influences are: Jean Michelle Jarre, Keith Emerson, Klaus Shultze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk to name a few.....whereas today the most influencers are: Richie Hawtin, Armin Van Buuren and 1200 Micrograms.

He mainly compose and produce with the fusion of new Djing tools (Launchpad, Maschine), old analogue synths (Andromeda, Tetra) and massive use of plugins such as ElectraX, Rayblaster, Nexus, Dune, Predator, Zebra2, Absybth, to name a few. All the rest is done with Ableton Live.

Selected to be in one of the most famous compilation Minimal-Tech 2011 which you could easy find in the main online stores..

The 2013 will be the year of the launch of an amazing Psytrance EP amongst new minimal compositions and movie trailers.

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    • Musician and Producer