.Anon Catherine

near pittsburgh

Well since im trying to stay annonamys i shall go by anon catherine.

so hello there! i will tell you that im an 18 year old girl who lives around the pittsburgh area:) im currently in the 11th grade but will start my senior year this september. i have no job as of now seeing as i have no way to get there. Im a rather short person and im often told about my hight by others who somehow think i havent noticed how short i am XD Oh and before i go any farther i would like to inform you of my horrable grammer and spelling...you have been for warned ...

Here is some personal info about my life. I live at home with my mother ,grandmother and grandfather. my father lives over ,well lets say across the bridge(yea im being that vague lol) im an only child but i come from a large family filled with ...well many differnt tipes of people. Some being snobs who feel better then everyone else in the world to some bat shit crazy people lol.

Now you are going to see the dork side of me ... i love animeand manga, though most people i talk to wouldnt guess that about me. i have a stange love for all things pikachu and winnie the pooh XD. iv recently started reading the walking dead comics after falling in love with telltales the walking dead game. i enjoy drawing and taking pictures (of the sky ,trees and children.) im also inlove with apple products, i currently own 2 ipod shuffles, and 3rd gen ipod nano, the 3rd and 4th gen ipod touches and the Iphone 5. i go through headphones like people with allergies go through tissues XD. on and the emotocon over there the XD <- is my favorite so you will see that alot if you read my blog. im not going to say much more but i would like to say that i have things and feeling that i dont talk about and im trrying to get myselfe through these things...anonymously

thank you idf you actually read my spiel, have a nice day...:)


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