Help me and others of Anonymous change the world. I've been writing up a proposal for world peace, and learning to hack just in case. I may be 14 years old, but I can sure put up a good internet fight. I am just like you, in search of a way to change things like government. I was inspired by other Anonymous on Twitter, protesting against CISPA. I thought to myself, I have the power and the mind to be able to help. I'm perfect for the job. But I need help. If you want change in your government, or you just want to stay updated, and safe in your home, not going to live life the way it was supposed to be lived, support me and my causes. You can do this by following my twitter page, or telling me about things I should do for you. Thank you for supporting me.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Legion. Expect us!