Mark Sullivan

Silver Spring MD

My name is Mark Sullivan. I have long been a music collector geek. However, I eventually became interested in the role all of that pop music played in my life and the lives of others. So I started studying it a bit more formally, earning an MA in American Studies, with a specialty in popular culture, and a PhD in Public Communication. Eventually, I switched sides of the desk and began to teach about popular culture as well. I currently teach Mass Media and Society at Towson University and Modern Popular Culture at Walden University. I have also taught various courses on the history of popular music at the Smithsonian Institution. I continue to fritter away my time and money on music and other forms of popular culture. But now it’s for research purposes. Sure it is.

  • Work
    • Adjunct Instructor
  • Education
    • BA
    • English
    • UMCP
    • MA
    • American Studies: Popular Culture