anonymous stars *

And miniscule,
anonymous stars cluster
Under the gray Hare and between the Beast
And Argo’s tiller. These cannot be pieced
Into the limbs of a prepared design—
Not like those star-signs marching in a line
Along set circuits as the years go round.

Some one of those no longer living found
A way to lump stars generally and call
A group one name. Since he could not name all
The stars minutely nor consider each
Because so many in their circuits reach
All round the world and often seem the same
In size and brightness, he devised a frame
For clustered stars and sealed shapes in a border,
And thus the heavens were marshaled into order.
No longer nameless, stars no longer rise
Into our sphere of vision a surprise.
Although most clusters have been named by us,
The hunted Hare treads these anonymous,
Dim stars.