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Dr. Anoop Amarnath Manipal Hosptial

Dr. Anoop Amarnath the Director and Consultant of Geriatric Medicine at the Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. He is one of the few Geriatricians in the country and underwent his training mainly in the UK. Having specialized in Geriatric Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians, London, Dr. Anoop has worked in many of the leading hospitals in UK; including the St. James Hospital, Leeds, Yorks Hospitals , Hull Royal Infirmary and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Dr. Anoop Amarnath

has sub specialized in Geriatric Nephrology and was awarded a certificate in San Diego in the year 2009. Dr. Anoop has played an integral role in establishing the Geriatrics Department at the Manipa Hospitals, the first ever in the country. He also takes great interest in Geriatric Nephrology and hopes to specialize further in it. His research topics are unique and they have created an impact on clinical practice. His topics voice issues like:

• Prevalence of Potential Inappropriate Medication Prescribing in Elderly patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

• Natural History of Chronic Kidney Disease Progression in an elderly Indian Cohort.

• Validity of the 4 Point MDRD Formula in Assessing CKD in an Elderly Indian Cohort

• Resuscitation Status in the Elderly

These papers have been published in many national as well as international journals. Dr. Anoop Amarnath hopes to bring more developments into the field of Geriatrics and works constantly for the betterment of his services.