Anoop Baalu (AB)

Architect, Project Manager, and Consultant in Fremont, California

Would love to say life is what we make out of it, what I am today is what I am envisaging now and portraying the art of being myself, an enthralled Computer Professional is what I work, photography, cooking, trekking, exploring new places are quite a few of my hobbies.

In the World of Information Technology I play as a Technological Business Analyst. Crucial, determined, up-to-the Minute solution expert and hands on experience in building & delivering cost effective, efficient, Time determinant & profiled solutions to the Business needs and enterprises.

+Ve Think'er' | Social Awaken-er | Self-motivator|Budding Entrepreneur| Mischievous |fun |cool |Explorer | Nature Admirer| Opportunity Exploiter |Human Being | Courteous cook

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Technology Computer Science