Kiki "2-D" Pot

Mental health warrior in Ontario, Canada

Kiki "2-D" Pot

Mental health warrior in Ontario, Canada

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Hey, my name is Kiki. I'm a 17 year old lesbian born on July 5th, 1999. ♋

I have been struggling with mental health issues since childhood but when it got severe I was about 14. I was originally diagnosed with MDD, but was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder instead. 👌

Since then I've also been diagnosed as schizoaffective and anorexic. My old psychiatrist also believes I have borderline personality disorder and D.I.D. 👥

I have multiethnic heritage and am proud!! (algonquin, inuit, french, portugese, chinese, egyptian, scottish) 🌓

I'm a whore but I'm taken at the moment 😗

Emoji key:

👯 - my current best friend. previously known as (redacted); she

🚬 - my friend from work. our friendship is weird but healthy; she

🤖 - 🚬's boyfriend. my friend too ...sorta; he

👩🏽 - my mother, also refered to as mom; she

🗣 - my step dad..; he

💩 - my ex best friend. he abused me through manipulation, gaslighting and blackmail. still trying to get rid of for good; he

Curious cat:

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