Anorexic Judas

Hi everybody! I'm Leonardo, a Monsterboy from Italy. I'm 15.
I study foreign languages so I speak italian, english and a little bit of french and spanish.
O have no social life, I spend my days on Twitter.
I'm atheist, but I respect every religion.
Loving BORN THIS WAY. it's not an album, it's a cultural movement. Born To Be Brave.

>Lady Gaga saved my life, and she's my idol. Other singers I like are Marina And The Diamons, Lana Del Rey.

>I like editing pics, all the graphics in my profile are made by me. I share my work at

> @TaraSavelo and @DJWS follow me on Twitter.

> I'm a little bit sarcastic, I like saying my opinion, but I don't hate anybody.

That's all folks! #PawsUp