Anouschka Dap

Born and raised in the Netherlands, with parents from Surinam (South America) I now reside in the USA.

Being a person who is always curious and interested in what another person is passionated about, their outlook on life and what he/she would like to get out of it, getting inspired and passing inspiration on to others is why I started my lifestyle brand HYBE (Honor Your Bliss Everyday).

To Honor Your Bliss Everyday (HYBE) I mean; do an activity everyday, even if it is for 1minute, that helps you to connect with your bliss. Wether that is meeting someone, reading a quote, chanting a prayer, trying something new etc.We all need a reminder, that no matter how tough life can be sometimes, there are ways to tap into a place of inner strength that can help you to triumph any type of hardship you encounter. I believe that by doing something everyday that makes you smile, you can create a solid base to overcome any challenge that comes your way, so you can live a life of sustainable happiness! To HYBE is to exist...