Anousha Muhammad

Global Business Developer & Coach, Mentor, and Motivational Public Speaker in Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am an entrepreneur, business developer, network marketing leader and the founder of AM Global Enterprise.

I am an inspirational motivational speaker who can offer individuals the opportunity to find health, wealth and financial freedom as I help them create and develop their own businesses.

I thrive on being part of a successful and productive team and seek out to recruit individuals of a similar mindset, who are aiming to succeed and continuously improve their professional development and personal growth.

I set myself exceptionally high standards, and love a challenge.

I've worn a lot of different hats over the years in finance, recruitment, sales, teaching and running my own business.

I love to travel and the aim of my own personal journey is to extend my success to others by sharing through my experiences, ultimately providing people with the guidance and inspiration to make it bigger than they ever thought possible.

If you have the will, determination & drive to succeed and would like the opportunity of a ready-made business, get it touch for an informal chat.

  • Work
    • AM Global Enterprise
  • Education
    • University of Sunderland