Anouska Debbie Storey

Yoga, Yoga Massage, Trainer and Disability Worker in Australia

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I grew up on a small farm playing in nature, creating and reading. It always amazed me how people's stories could differ so vastly.

Moving to the city I was struck by how many people I didn't know. I discovered a passion to better understand people who didn't fit the norm. This started my journey working with people with disabilities and their families over 17 years ago.

Whilst working as a Community Resource Worker for a multidisciplinary Learning Disability Service I completed my degree in Community Development and Honours in Public Policy & Management.

I was really interested in understanding anxiety and how individuals construct their world, I think this is key to helping people unpick their maladaptive coping strategies and support them to build healthy strategies that work for them and the people around them.

I was lucky, I was supported by amazing professionals and had the flexibility to work in a really person centered way: crossing different disciplines and approach styles. I had many opportunities to do amazing pieces of work with individuals and groups. I love and respect many therapists and specialists; their skills, knowledge, dedication and the time they gave/give me discussing pros & cons for different strategies. But none of those paths felt like a good fit for me.

It wasn't until I took time away and did my yoga teacher training that I found a framework that resonated with me. It felt like I was coming home. A knowledge base that got everything I was trying to do and the way I was trying to do it. Something bigger that supported me to hold sacred spaces for others to do their work, on their own journey.

  • Education
    • Sacred School of Arts
    • Murdoch University