Ansar Kanhiroli

Martial Artist, Product Maniac, and Traveller in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I am now adding value as a product maniac to, love this region - UAE and its flair to move fast.

We do all crazy stuff - finance, UX, Mobile, Analytics and what not

I was the Chief Product Officer :-) of I've spent the better part of my career working as a product manager, business analyst, agile evangelist and creating products.

Re-creating MyOutfitDesigner allowed me to leap into the role of full-time product manager. I am currently taking some time off from sane mundane tasks and is now committed to making products *GREAT*. Over the years, I have helped and endured teams to create compelling products and chalk out plans to make it happen.

My most recent love is the challenges faced while scaling teams and products, and it continues to inspire me. Originally from Kerala, India, I took the opportunity to work in UAE, Italy, and the USA. Dealt with large scale Airline reservation systems, eCommerce platforms, social media and education industries; committed to delivering tangible results with utmost priority on adherence to lean principles. Previously: business analyst, Heavy weight Karate champion - Black belt 3rd degree.

Currently: an avid reader, foodie and the delighted father of two naughty boys.

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