Anselmo Rosa

Campinas, Sp - Brazil

Born in February, 18th, 1971 in São Paulo city, Brazil. Named Anselmo Leandro de Matias Rosa, which I decided to short to Anselmo Rosa, I live in Sumaré city, Campinas Metro Area, with my wife and my four kids.

I started to work in 1990, as a graphic artist in a print shop while serving the Brazilian army. Then I worked in a few small ad agencies and later I started my own company, Avantia Media Works.

At Avantia I worked for great brands such Gillette, Oral-B and Duracell. Later I decided to sell the company to pursue other goals, and worked on many projects until 2010, when I was recruited to work as creative director at E3 COM, and stayed until june 2013.

Now I'm on my own again, taking a break and cooking something great to start on 2014.