Ansel Olson

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Ansel Olson is a photographer and a designer. Born in El Paso, Texas, he grew up near the Washington, D.C., beltway and studied design at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. His ancestors include a cartographer, a decorator, a master carpenter, and probably more than a few Vikings.

As a photographer specializing in architectural and fine art photography, he has over seven years of experience crafting story-driven imagery. He’s inspired by the juxtaposition of the conceptual and the straightforward, and marries a love of visual storytelling with a designer’s attention to detail. He has a fast-growing portfolio of commission work, including fine art photography for the historic Homestead and Mount Washington hotels, and has participated in several group photography shows at Page Bond Gallery in Richmond.

As a designer, Ansel has nearly two decades of experience working with architects and interior designers on award-winning projects. His work includes brand identity, art programs, retail merchandising, wayfinding and donor recognition sign systems, exhibits, print collateral, and branded apparel. Ansel has served clients as varied as historic hotels, museums, resorts, restaurants and beyond.

Driven to foster a stellar RVA, Ansel co-founded one of Richmond’s first creative co-working spaces, The Marvin Lang Building. He is also a founding participant of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce's i.e.* initiative, aimed at growing Richmond's creative community. In this role he designed the launch event program, helped found the initiative's Shop Class series, and served as a workgroup leader in the “Revolution, Innovation and Change in RVA” series.