Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis is a former computer science graduate who decided to become a teacher after the dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Through a series of fortunate events, Simon qualified in the UK, passed his SCG and settled in Carlow, where he is now the principal of Carlow Educate Together National School.

Simon gives talks and courses to teachers in all aspects of ICT in education. He is a Google Certified Teacher and aims to create lots of tools for teachers to help them get the best of Google's products. His main interests at the moment are Cloud Computing, Blogging and using ICT as a learning tool effectively.

Simon has designed lots of web sites. He has won several awards for his web sites, including Scoilnet Star Sites and Edublog Awards. He also writes a number of educational and other blogs on lots of different platforms depending on his needs. is his most popular.

When the .ie people allowed him to purchase, he did so because there are a few Simon Lewis' in Ireland, and he didn't want them taking his name in vain.

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