Anshank S Kachhara

Anshank Kachhara was born on 27th October 1990 in Mumbai, India. After finishing his high school, he went to Bond University Australia in January 2009, for pursuing his bachelor’s degree in production studies. After completing three semesters, he dropped out of it and went to New York Film Academy, on a full scholarship and continued to stay in New York, from January 2010 onwards. During his stint at NYFA, Anshank learnt various aspects of film making and worked on various projects as the gaffer, editor and colorist, and other roles on various other projects Meanwhile, Anshank also tried his hand at filmmaking, having directed two shorts “Sneakers” and “Happy Father’s Day’. “ It was a relieving experience, calling the shots from behind the camera, rather than handling other post-production activities. Mucho Gracia’s to the edifice that is New York Film Academy.” He is currently co-writing a feature script “the Alley” with Aneesh Nadkarni.