Not a single Rabbi starts off admitting the Torah might be false, might be man-made, might be full of lies and errors. In fact, they start off assuming the truth of that ... "Off the derech" (OTD), literally, "off the path," is a term used by Orthodox Jews to describe someone who has intentionally stopped practicing the accepted tenets of his/her branch of orthodoxy frumkeit. I am a Jew. I am an Advocate. As religions go, I find most religions more harmful than good when it comes to homosexuality and homophobia. I believe some religious sects or movements are cults. I am anti-cults. I identify as a Transgender and Intersexed (look it up on Google) Jew. I enjoy our food and how we socialize, but the abuse around gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or intersexed Jewish bashing and bullying within our own circles (homophobia) makes my blood boil. Biblio-idolatry and biblio-literalism is the root of this homophobia. This needs to be recognized, talked about openly, and stopped. Reform, Reconstructionists, Renewal, Conservative, and Secular Humanist Jewish sects and movements are dialoging about some of these issues, but the Chassidim of all Ultra-Orthodoxy movements will never consider changing a thing, for fear of Judaism dying out altogether. So, the abusive homophobic Jewish Frum cycle continues. I advocate for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersexed (GLBTQI) Jews within all jewish sects and movements globally to come-out. It is safer for you out of the cloest, than to be closeted, bullied, and bashed for being how G-d made you. May those of you that are GLBTQI and are caught in an abusive Jewish system, find peace with others outside of those homophobic systems, and seek others that are just like you. I will pray for you to fall of that derech and be true to how Hashem made you. You are truly in G-d's image. You are beautiful and wonderful just the way you are. Amen!

L' Shalom,

Anshel Bomberger
Georgetown, CO

(Please feel free to contact me personally for referrals to outside resources)

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