Anshu Anand

Business Advisor in New Delhi, India

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Living Well, Purposefully, & Successfully

Anshu Anand was born & grew up in a small-town environment that taught her to be genuine, honest, & down-to-earth. She also knows how to succeed at the things she sets her mind on.


Anshu has worked for several small to mid-sized companies that tap her mind for new marketing clout & growth. Typically, she advises on new age marketing, establishes test & roll-out pricing, analyzes & evaluates previous & current campaigns, & recommends new marketing strategies to bolster your bottom line.

Business Experience

She also brings a director’s perspective to running a business & achieving targeted results. She has experience as an advisor with several start up ventures & independent entrepreneurs including budgetary responsibility. She also has first-hand experience from starting & running her own small business to provide clients with coaching, training, & communications services. She has conceived, written, built, & launched websites for a wide variety of key audiences & numerous clients.

Executive Coaching

Since 2005, she has produced communications outreach campaigns & products to educate & persuade target audiences using both social media & mainstream media. She is specially known for setting up brands from point zero by performing research & development & then launching & maintaining effective campaigns using today’s communications technology that reinforce an organization’s reputation, mission & vision. She uses today’s interactive media (specially blogging & other social media channels) to reach, engage, & influence target audience. Her professional writing on behalf of senior executives has included speeches, talking points, print shoot conceptulisation & execution, multimedia presentations & ghostblogging. She has coached senior executive-level people in fashion fraternity about how they can best present themselves in public to succeed. Along with, mentoring & training staff in fashion, photography, fine art, music, events, non-profit & corporate. Her efforts have been primarily in advocacy & social marketing to change target audience beliefs, values & behaviors.