Anshul Shivhare

Betul, Madhya Pradesh

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hye! My name is Anshul Shivhare, from Betul (m.p).

I am little different than others, I love DOING MATHS and EATING SPICY INDIAN FOOD. Solving numeral puzzles is my passion .

Apart from all My hobbies and habits, I aims higher to enter my name in the list of the top most billionaire of the world.

I have a Blog named "Mathematicians Stoppage" aimed mainly at the maths loving guys. It is a collection of puzzles, problems & proofs and much more designed to stimulate mathematical thought.

- it is dedicated to knowledge and education.

It is intended to extend the mathematical experience,

enjoyment and excitement

of its readers

I love accepting challanges. I want to be famous and become an inspiration and a milestone for others. So to achieve this I WILL DEFINATELY WORK UPON It.

I hope you enjoy it.

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