Anshul Bahl

Well. a mere page online is not really enough to describe myself but then i can try and cut the long story short here.

Professionally a Bio- Technologist,i now find myself working in a Mechanical/Industrial technology firm based Out of the U.S called Ingersoll Rand.

J'adore mon ami beaucoup !! C'est mon vie !! :) I 'm a fun loving, easy going human and take life as it comes. Not too much of tension needs to be taken n i exactly maintain that statement all the time ! \m/.

Remember, we are here on earth for just approx 2500 weekends more,right now when i'm updating this page,another weekend is being taken up. So live life kingsize with oodles of fun for as long as v r here.

My friends n family are the MOST important part of my life & existence. HAVE A STRONG PENCHANT FOR Croos-Over SUVs and currently drive a Toyota Fortuner and the dream machine is The Range Rover Vogue!!!!!!!!. That apart, the roar of a Royal Enfield Bullet on a hazy winter morning adds to my ecstatsy of driving one :)

A few years down the line i see myself actively involved in the start-up i've recently formed with a few people. Entrepreneurial Future is definitely my cup of coffee n NOT tea :)

For thos of you interested in knowing more of my startup... check out

Needless to say i love music and by the way, i do not stereotype my music choice to a mere Grunge, Metal or some Alternate Rock. I enjoy all of it in bits n pieces from GnR to Audislave,Eagles to Pink Floyd, Kishore Kumar to Lata Mangeshkar and so on......... !!

I love playing most outdoor sports especially Basketball (Highly Nostalgic),Volleyball,Badminton and a bit of Ping-Pong. So if anyone of u has a court around where v can catch on some play.. I'm always GAME !!

For all my friends.. u know me far too much than this :) and for those who wanna know MORE Closely, please feel to reach me through either of the Social links displayed on this profile.

Cheers Guys !!