anshuman patra

I was born in the small city of Berhampur, Odisha, India on 18 January 1986. From then on its been a marvelous journey through numerous cities in India and around the world. The prior travelling was primarily when my father was in the defense and had a travelling Job, and the later due to the nature of my academic and professional life.

My early Schooling years were mostly in Naval Schools and later I went back to my birth state to complete my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Soon, I was recruited from campus to face the harsh realities of life and the IT world. Initially I was nourished by Wipro and I flourished in the environment to become a ´Knowledge Hungry Beast´called the Business Intelligence Developer.

Since this challenge wasn´t enough I decided to take a plunge into the unknown world of ´Management Jargons´, this proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made and I enjoyed every bit of it. Living , staying and studying in US, Belgium and India at 3 premier business schools with friends from around the world. One of the most enriching experiences although also one of the most intense and grueling year of my life.

I look forward to use my backpack, which is full of tool kits and experiences accumulated over these years at my next destination. I hope to unleash this knowledge in creative and productive ways.