Anshuman Priyadarshi

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

"The feeling came from the melting drops of the rain.... The moment has come close to my heart.... It touched me ... but I couldn't know.... and I can still live that moment ... Life is coming my way."


Like many others before me... I made a dream and I was so passionate to fulfill it. But even after a lot of struggle I couldn't do justice to it. Everything I did, seemed lacking... it was loquacious but still that was not my point.

Even when I tried to write this part of my page... I was confused. But I had been so callous about some important things in my life.

Not too far, I began to feel a strange love with my life, with myself... like I am free, isolated !

What lays at the core of this feeling ?

Actually the answer had been quite apparent just a few steps ahead of me.. But...


I met someone for the first time.... A girl, a stranger, a companion, just someone. My bestest friend.

When I look back, I wonder whether the joy of getting my college or being a doctor, or even murmuring a simple song, or that strange love for me with myself would have been the same without her thoughts, I look back and those lonely days and nights seem less lonely now that I found more of her.

When I was in her city I had my goals straight. My forte was clear but now I know that the joy of achieving these goals is meaningful only when shared with that special someone.

Only now I do see that my strange love for myself is actually my attachment with this special girl !

Sometimes while running after our goals.... being engrossed in one particular thing ... we loose sight of many things that really matter.

So close your eyes for a second. Look for your special someone and see life through their eyes. You'll see that this life is even more beautiful than you have ever imagined. Who knows even you might get a best friend like me.