Oscar Sánchez

Anskar DJ.
Born in '78 and raised in Acapulco, Mexico Oscar Sánchez aka Anskar Dj, found himself from an early age to be in love with music, always proud of his Latin roots, he is always looking for new all kind of sounds, genres and types. As a child, he used to hear late at Saturday nights a remote transmission from a local but international club named Le Dome, where all kind of djs (before the superstars dj's era) used to play the biggest hits at the moment, providing early knowledge of world music trends.
Then somewhere around 1991-1992, thanks to a school friend he found out how to make mix tapes for his friends, and a race to find the music to record those began, while others were buying toys, games, shoes, etc, he spent all his money on records and cds, he never regretted.
Then in high school, he started along with some friends to throw parties every week, he played with a very humble and limited equipment (and I mean humble as in, a lend used pair of speakers, an all beat up amplifier, a cheap mixer, 1 Discman and 1 cd home player). Interesting, but far away from professional sound was the result. Then another race began, to play with proper equipment.
Acapulco's world famous nightlife scene, gave the opportunity that came with another school fellow, Dj Mauri, who used to play at a beach club called Iguanas Ranas, the perfect place to practice under his friend´s protective wing, not a long time passed when at age 17, he was offer the place at a little place called Medusas near downtown, though that place don't exist anymore, ever since he began to play in different places all over the country, specially Cancun and its "Riviera Maya" until year 2000, when he took a break to take his formal studies (Mayor in Communications and Public Relations) at his hometown Acapulco. Nevertheless several times while producing different media, (participated as a producer assistant in the mythical Aca World Sound Festival) found the time to combine, school, job & passion... last one being the music. With partner and friend Dj Edgar Avila released several mix compilations into local scene. However his most spread mixed compilations are the "Anskar Dj Profile Series".
Now days, Anskar Dj combines media job, with its true love mixing and producing compilations of electronic dance music, taking genres like house and trance as his favorites, but playing several other genres, it all depends on the crowd's mood. An