4 pics 1 word

4pics1word provides cheats, answers, hints and strategies at every level of the game. This is the latest app game available for all iPad, iPhone, iPod and also Android devices. This game also can be played on desktop devices provided the player has Facebook account. The main advantage of playing with this game is, it helps to sharpen the skills and also improve mental acuity while solving the puzzle. 1 word needs to be given that describes the common theme that is shared by 4 images. Working through each level will have your brain itching for more. This game is not only fun & addictive but it is an amazing educational tool. This can help to improve you problem solving skills, relational and vocabulary skills.

How is the app cheat useful?

4pics1word-answers-solutions.com cheats and answers can help to beat all 1600 plus levels. This can challenge to guess the word of the 4 images that are in common. If the player need help to solve the level of 4 pics 1 word for all Android, iPod, iPhone and iPad, look into the hints and solutions for different levels of the game. This app provides cheats and answers for all 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter, 6 letter, 7 letter and 8 letter word. For instance, 4 pics 1 word provides hints to all 3 letters words in the game for all devices.

The player needs to guess the word of the 4 images that are in common to beat the level. If help is needed to solve the puzzle, use hints and cheats to get the solution. All answers are ordered by level and also by the number of letters for that word. This app is endless. The player can guess the word and he needs to unlock the levels. There are countless puzzles right from easy ones to tricky ones. New puzzles are added continuously. This does not need any registration and other complicated rules.

All that needs to be done is download the app for free and start using the game. They are simple & also highly addictive. There are more than a crore who have installed this game and are using them. These are available in eight different languages. All that needs to be done is look at the 4 images and see what is common. Just start playing & have fun.

How is word finder useful?

4 pics 1 word app provides answers. Simply enter the letters & select the length of the word. Fo