Antara Phookan

Small Business Owner and Project Manager in Rennes, France

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Antares is the 17th brightest star in the night time sky. And Antara of Antares & Co is the travel experience specialist of the Indian sub-continent. She creates your itinerary according to your individual request, interest and your budget whilst recommending all the must-see's and the local insider experiences to be had. She and her team will talk to you first-hand about all of the trips, choices of hotels, excursions, detours, activities and safaris she recommends in India and Bhutan.

Antares will recommend extraordinary styles of accommodation (ranging from fabulous home stays to palaces to houseboats to mountain lodges to colonial style bungalows and more); the unique experiences to be had when you are culturally yet comfortably immersed; walking and cycling adventures; and trend-setting expedition river cruises on the Ganges & Brahmaputra.

Antara continually travels around India to explore and learn about all the new developments in regional experiences and hotels, and her on-the-ground travel partners work efficiently day in and day out to ensure that all operations run expertly. Also having travelled extensively through India & its sub-continent from a young age, she was bitten by the fabled travel bug and since, has travelled to over 40 countries across the globe and has lived in Spain, France, Finland, UK & Hungary. Aside from her travelholic-ness, she love to share her passion for India - Because It’s the most unique, diverse, colorful, maddening, thrilling, exhausting, and unforgettable place you’ll ever go to. Let's face it, it's a Continent and such a raw beauty !

  • Education
    • Msc International Marketing and Business Development
    • Skema Business School, France