David (Horse) Barringhaus

My personal motto for living life, is to live for the present. You can't do anything about the past except learn from it. If you want a great future, then do great things in the present and the future will take care of itself.

My passion for photography came at first as a means of keeping me sane whilst working away from home in mines and heavy construction sites around Australia and Antarctica. To get to work in these out of the way places I had to have a trade. Well I'm a boilermaker by trade and have a second trade as a fitter/machinist. These have been great to have because I can make my own custom mounts for camera equipment just for fun. Having the opportunity to not only photograph Antarctica, but to live and work there for 6 months of the year with the Australian Antarctic Divison is a humbling experience. The only way I know how to share this experience is through my images and blog. Oh yes, if your wondering about the nickname "Horse", that is a nickname that I have had all my working life and few know me by my given name. It comes from . . . . . . Its not what your thinking!

My images gallery is david-barringhaus.artistwebsites.com

My blog is davidbarringhaus.blogspot.com

Visit these sites from time to time as they do get updated especially when I'm in Antarctica