Ant Harris

Doctoral Candidate in Cambridge, United Kingdom

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I am a Doctoral Candidate in Sociology.

My current research interests within Sociology are: notions of identity and the Self, Medical Sociological analysis of Dementia, person centered care and medical education.

I explore the psychoanalytic undertones of selfhood. Essentially I am interested in what's makes us, us. How does having an illness shape identity, is (medical) care a form of control?

I also am interested in human sexuality and its strong links to the self.

I prefer to use qualitative research methods especially Grounded Theory.

Thesis titled 'Love is not your own anymore' - power relations and their effects on elders sexuality & personhood. Due late 2016.

I also teach Sociology and cross-disciplinary application of psycho-social theory. I am interested in cutting edge pedagogy/andragogy practices.

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    • Doctorial Candidate
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    • Anglia Ruskin University