Anthe de Weerd

Creative Facilitation, Storytelling, Film, Yoga in Amsterdam

Anthe de Weerd

Creative Facilitation, Storytelling, Film, Yoga in Amsterdam

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Creative Facilitation & (Visual) Storytelling for Education and Social Innovation | Film, Radio, Communication | Yoga & Coaching

Welcome to my temporary page. I'm a lifelong learner and believe in a kindred world where we can inspire and create, connect and co-create.

Passionate about life, relationship, education, art and nature, I often find that realising our natural potential or the positive impact or change we love to see in our world simply requires us to (re)connect to the heart of the matter, ourselves, others and what makes us tick.
It is this connection I wish to spark through my work in communication, storytelling, (creative) facilitation, yoga and coaching.

// A Story that connects \\
Bringing out your or your organisation's vision, vibe and values through a (visual) story and/or team session can help to better engage and align with them. This clarity and interconnection make any action and process more positively impactful for you and all parties involved.

// Creative Facilitation \\
Curious at heart about life and people and always in search of meaning, I love to assist in drawing out the potential of personal as well as group endeavours to support authentic connection, learning and wise action.

For this I use practices from the Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership and my creative toolbox which contains my experience in storytelling, visualization skills as well as reflective, movement, meditative and dialogue practices.

// Coaching \\
Any positive transformation starts with connection and alignment. I love to support you on this journey through personal sessions, drawing on my experience in teaching (private) Yoga, energywork, Life Alignment, dialogue and my creativity.

// A Thriving, Caring World \\
I believe in compassion, a positive outlook, balance and the power of true connections. Tuning in with ourselves and others - sharing our insights, knowledge and feelings - can inspire a greater understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

This is key to make deeper connections and build bridges to relate and collaborate from genuine intentions. To use collective knowledge, build strong and safe networksand catalyze positive transformation to ensure a bright, green and peaceful future.

Let's connect!

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    • Knowmads International Business School
    • University of Amsterdam and University of Utrecht
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    • St Joost Academy of Arts
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