Anthea Cockerill

Anthea Cockerill

It's Anthea here from the Fundraising Directory and Fetes and Festivals.

I'm a mum and dedicated fundraising volunteer and I've been involved in more fundraisers and fetes than I can keep track of!

The Fundraising Directory celebrates 10 years in 2016 and I have been involved with the publication for most of that time! I love being a part of something that helps so many people.

The Fundraising Directory is a print publication sent annually to schools and clubs around Australia, as well as a website containing comprehensive information on a large range of fundraising ideas and suppliers. We help over 300,000 Australian volunteers each year.

Our web pages reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers annually, our weekly tips reach over 20,000 volunteers and we have an engaged Facebook audience of more than 17,000 and growing.

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