Anthe de Weerd

Yoga, Coaching, Art & Women empowerment in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anthe de Weerd

Yoga, Coaching, Art & Women empowerment in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Welcome to my temporary page. My name is Anthe, which means to blossom. Alike the symbolism of my name I like to contribute all of my work to (co)creating a thriving world where we can flourish together.

Realising our natural potential and the positive change we love to see in our world often simply requires us to (re)connect to the heart of the matter, ourselves, others and what makes us 'tick'.

It is this connection I wish to support through my work in yoga, dance, music, energy work and facilitating and connecting through meaningful events.

// Yoga & Dance \\
Yoga helps to connect with your inner compass and joy to nourish a healthy, honest and loving connection with yourself and others in this dance of life. It is a loving and deepening conversation with yourself that I warmly invite you into.

I teach Yin and Hatha yoga and a self developed Yoga Dance Flow. Especially Yin yoga feels like a home-coming in your body. It focuses more on relaxation, being present within yourselfand integrating meditation in everything that moves us.
The Yoga Dance Flow fluidly integrates dance practice with yoga asanas and provides a playful balance of deep meditative stillness and dynamic movement.

>> You can find the schedule of my classes in Amsterdam below >>

Besides the classes I also guide the Ecstatic Dance in both ceremony and music at the beautiful ship and conscious club Odessa:

// Coaching \\
Any positive transformation starts with connection and alignment. I love to support you on your journey through personal sessions, drawing on my experience in Yoga, energy work,Life Alignment, dialogue, my strong intuition and inventive creativity. Simply feeling and acting on what's alive and most serving to your life.

// Inspirational Blog \\
On my blog Natural Moon I write and share inspiration on life in connection with nature, personal growth, movement practices, relationships, yoga, health, happiness and intuitive and astral insights.
A page celebrating connection, intuition and expression to encourage a life in balance with our own nature & the world around us.