Anthea Varigos

Sydney, Australia.

Firstly, I’m a composer specialising in Screen Music (AFTRS) & finalist of the APRA Professional Development Awards (2013). Music has always been my first passion. From the moment I set my six year old feet on the pianolla pedals – I was in love. Musical adventures include; the piano, harpsichord, musicology & orchestration, singing (choral, acapella, classical indian, jazz, improvisation) and song writing – acoustic guitar & folk when I lived in Fitzroy, Melbourne; indie-rock with my telecaster when I basked in sunny Brisbane, and electronic/trip-hop/dub when I was a local in Bristol, UK… with sojourns into analogue synths, experimental soundscapes and global music along the way.

Technology is my second love – the way it shapes our creative process and our ability to communicate and express. I love protools in the same way Trent Reznor does. I adore the internet, the magic carpet on which we can travel the world and connect. Story telling and conversations come a very close third, which is why I produce and present Arts Monday on Sydney’s Eastside89.7FM once a month and have performed poetry at TEDx, the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s Federation Square.

I believe in creating opportunities, and love sharing them with others. These passions are what have inspired me to found – my corporate venture combining technology, branding and music; to drive the WOW Short Form Digital Award as part of the WOW Film Festival; and also The Fox Force Five – a mini-film festival with a live focus on songs in film.

  • Work
    • Composer
  • Education
    • Post Graduate in Music Composition for Screen, AFTRS
    • Bachelor of Economics and Commerce, MELBOURNE UNI,