340 Clifton AvenueClifton, NJ 07011, United States973-246-9659,3:09:00:17:30,4:09:00:17:30,5:09:00:17:30,6:09:00:17:30"TheAnthony J. VanZwaren, Esq., practice, located in Clifton, New Jersey, is headed by Anthony J. Zwaren: anaccomplished family law attorney, personal injury specialist and worker’scompensation attorney. He is licensed to practice law in both New York and NewJersey and for the last 16 years has been providing clients with the up-to-theminute legal advice where family law and worker’s compensation is concerned. Havinggraduated from New York Law School in 1995, the Anthony J. Van Zwaren, Esq., office is the go-to resource for any person requiring legal aid on mattersof New York/ New Jersey law. In particular, as a former middle school historyteacher, Anthony’s expertise in family law, parental rights and children’srights is unparalleled. Whether acting as a divorce lawyer or family lawattorney on matters such as child custody or neglect, his expertise and compassionprovides clients with the security of knowing that his law office willrepresent their cases vigorously and diligently. Representingclients in New Jersey traffic violation cases including reckless driving, DUI,hit-and-run and expired license cases, the Anthony J. Van Zwaren, Esq., office takes a detailed approach to solving client’s cases, fighting thecharges and holding people accountable. Obtainingcompensation for serious on-the-job injuries requires a skilled andknowledgeable worker’s compensation attorney and choosing the right attorney maydetermine whether you can recoup compensation, lost wages and rehabilitationcosts after a serious accident. When facing an on-the-the injury, it’scritical that you retain an experienced attorney and Anthony J. Van Zwaren,Esq., has over 16 years of experience filing such claims and appeals in thestate of New Jersey. Tospeak to an experienced family law attorney and worker’s compensationpractitioner call Anthony J. Van Zwaren,Esq., P.A. by dialing (973) 246-9659or visit his Google+ page for more information."