Anthoney Valentine

Redding, California, United States

Hey, my name is Anthoney Valentine. I am 19 year of age, I live in Redding California and have been since I was very young. Some things about me people should know is that I love music (The Beatles, MCR, Steam Powered Giraffe Red Hot Chili Peppers) and video games. I am a huge nerd and I love to play League and Smite. I also play Magic the Gathering. I am a HUGE hopeless romantic, cuddles and my lover are number one. I am single and have been for a while now. I have been in one relationship that lasted for a year and a half.I have had a rough life, my father dying when I was nine, and more and more death has accrued throughout the years of my life. Ask my anything nothing is to personal.

  • Education
    • Shasta College