Anthony Baldini

California, United States

Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in me! Did you know I'm looking for a job? Maybe with your help I can land in the right place.

I'm a strong writer and a strategic planner. I enjoy the idea of progression, which makes me perfect for companies looking to get better every day.

I have media relations experience in the NHL, NBA and NCAA, a strong social media campaign background, and eight years of various sales experiences. You can call me a well-rounded employee!

Here's an example of things I've done:

Gathered qualitative and quantitative data via social media, performed modeling and analysis, then used findings to make recommendations and strategy adjustments at the executive level.

Built a Facebook page with currently over 115,000 Likes!

Written media guides, game notes, press releases, marketing materials and other docs.

Created unique graphics and wallpapers in Photoshop.

I'd love to be able to use my social media, PR and data skills somewhere. Please give me a ring if you have a job that's right for me. Take care!

  • Education
    • Bachelor's in Journalism with an emphasis in PR, minor in Management