Anthony Burke

My name is Anthony Burke, a 41 year old social media nut, based in Dubai, UAE, who has a real passion for digital and inbound marketing.

Below is a very serious description of my job specifics, but it’s also fun. I enjoy blogging about my everyday existence in the UAE and use Social Media to keep up with everyday changes happening within the digital world.

As the company’s Social Media Expert, I am responsible for overseeing the creation, management and development of our Social Media strategy and team, as well as creating a digital strategy for likeminded businesses in both the UAE and across the Gulf. This role coordinates with the internal Editorial, Marketing and PR teams to support their job roles, ensuring consistency in clarity and due process for the Social Media referral network, not only for TPG but also for our Social Media clients. My position involves creating and delivering engaging and successful Social Media campaigns, using platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and others that are deemed necessary to create a successful social program for our clients.

social media strategist

My remit is to maintain and update the Social Media strategy, coordinating with small to medium sized businesses across the GCC to ensure the effectiveness and adoption of relevant Social Media techniques into their corporate culture, plus coordination with TPG’s Product Development team to plan and develop the Social Media tools utilized in clients’ Social Media programs. Put simply, I ensure a superior quality of communication and project delivery for all of our clients’ Social Media campaigns.

If you wish to discuss Social Media opportunities and strategies, feel free to contact me on:

Mobile: +971 55 2284312