Anthony Burns

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Anthony Burns

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The images shown to us in our lives are as numerous as trees. Certain images stand out, they have a way of drawing in the viewer.

In advertising the still image is subliminally drawing on your emotions. In magazines, newspapers and billboards the image is planned to the finest detail and involves a crew of people.

Portrait photography is also planned. There is so much to consider about a subject, a photographer has the power to make an impact on the viewers perception of that person.

The best photographers are good at portraiture because they can make their subject feel relaxed, they relate to people easily and compose the subject without fuss.
Making the subject feel at ease is crucial, they can either sit or stand.
Talk to them about anything, this interaction will distract them from the job at hand as most people don't like having their photo taken, they don't feel in control. So give them back their sense of confidence.

The best portraits concentrate on the right eye of the subject and make the both eyes level. When you look at most CEO's images in magazines etc their eyes are level. If the right eye is raised they appear dominant or if the right eye is lowered they appear submissive. The right eye is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, intention, logic. We all move our right eye up and down depending on who we are talking to but as a photo stops time it is best to have them level.

I have taken hundreds of portraits for Linkedin. Put your best face forward, there is nothing worse than a Linkedin image that looks like it was done in a rush by a passer by or worse a selfie. The old adage a picture says a thousand words is still true, Linkedin is a powerful tool, use it wisely. Contact me if you are in Sydney and I can help you and your staff look appealing.

Homepix Photography is growing by the year. Having the best job in the world lets me take images for IBM, Linkedin, ANZ, Westpac, Adobe, Hitachi, NSW government, MAC cosmetics, Westfield, M&C Saatchi and the list goes on.

What I really like about the job is weighing up a new situation on how the job will be done, reading light and then painting with it, meeting the people who organise the events and the people attending, I am smiling as I write.

The work I get comes from my clients as well as work from the great QLD firm Event Photography and Melbourne's GFP. Every day is different.

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