Anthony W. Licausi

New York, New York, United States

Who Am I?

I'm extremely passionate about technology, business and the financial markets. I love helping companies grow to enhance the connection between them, their customers, brands, investors and shareholders.

What Do I Do?

I've worked in the field of investment banking and corporate development for the past decade where I focus on new business development to close deals that generate revenues, creating strategic partnerships, streamlining operations through marketing automation, opening new sales channels and adding tremendous value to the companies I'm involved with.

I'm currently the Vice President of Corporate Development for Daniels & Company where I head the Investor Relations + Advisory Unit and work as Head of Technology for Barenberg Capital Partners.

I've been working with private and public healthcare/biotech companies to assist them in raising capital, establishing partnerships with leading hospitals in the U.S. for clinical trial development and coordinating introductions to funds, family offices, institutions and high net worth individuals.

As an Investor Relations Expert, I create compelling stories and focus on content distribution to engage readers and ignite massive awareness of the companies I profile.


I recently worked as Head of Technology on our project for Charms Investments, Ltd. in which I created a brand new web presence for the firm and their principals including a responsive website and enhanced social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, About.Me and AngelList. I consulted for Charms as Head of Technology, implementing a new CRM along with the configuration of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for more efficient in-house operations.

In 2014 I consulted for a start up company located in New York and grew their distribution into 45 states and international into London. I single-handledly did approximately 500k in sales in 6 months for the company and increased internet sales by 100% in 2 months implementing a new email marketing campaign. I also secured a strategic partnership between them and a billion dollar publicly traded company to develop new factory equipment for more efficient and streamlined manufactu

  • Work
    • V.P. Corporate Development, Daniels & Company