Anthony Miller

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Anthony Miller

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I fancy Finacial markets, as my major is International Corporate Finance.

Avid internet monger of sorts, PC games.

Geek, Nerd and all around Tech buff

Fitness nut, and just being active in general

Proud and loyal Tottenham Hotspurs fan

My hobbies are football, hanging with friends, adventuring and learning about new things.

Current life Synopsis:

Im from a small town in Wisconsin, called the Town of algoma which is just outside Oshkosh. I have been playing all kinds of sports since a very young age which has inturn placed in me a very competitive side as in most things I do I refuse to be second to anyone. Moreover I have slowly becoming increasing an outdoors type of person, I occasionaly fish and hunt but as of recent its more of just walking around national parks or hiking up mounds. This has come on with my desire for adventure; as I moved to the UK about a year ago for University for which I have attended University of London Metropolitan and University of Stirling. So I have had the amazing opportunity to sitesee hundreds of things and places as Ive traveled to Germany, England, Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France and Wales, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland just to name some highlights! I still love to kick about as I also played on the University squad for London Met, of which I was honored to be a part of. Additionally now just focusing on my future career and relishing any and all opportunity that presents itself. As I am now living back in the states and going to University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh to complete my international Corporate Finance major and possibly another major or some minors. The experiences that I have been so fortunate to have gone through, the good and bad; I can say has made an extreme impact of my life, for which I am ever changed with self growth of being more outgoing and passionate about all activities that I am involved in.

Further more i do have a linkedin account but Its out of date but would be glad to send current information

I enjoy and do take a ton of photos of all the places I've had the opportunity during my walkabout around Europe. If you want to see them message me on Facebook and I'll send you my skydrive access code

please contact me if you want to learn more or have questions or just talk, my job deems that I do travel alot and I'd never shy away if you fancy to meet up for a chat.

  • Work
    • Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
    • University of London Metropolitan
    • University of Stirling
    • University of Wisconsin - La Crosse