Anthony Murray

Designer and Director in San Francisco, California

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I make things. Usually clothes. Sometimes other things.

I practice Dieter Rams' Ten Principles of Good Design. Currently, I am a design director at Dockers® where I work to reinvent - or perhaps just re-engage - with how we think of the ubiquitous khaki pant. I was also a key thought partner and member of the team that launched the Edison award winning WellThread™ collection, championing a circular economy model of design and production with a mono-material approach, and utilizing a cold pigment dye method for garment dyeing clothes in a sustainable, low energy process.

I'm also a typography fanatic and can get as obsessed with the curve of an ascender of a minuscule letter as I can with the armhole of a shirt pattern, though I still envision a world of nothing but one single monoline plotter typeface.

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