Anthony Putignano

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Father in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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1985: Born into a family of middle-class, immigrant entrepreneurs.

1990s: Spent my formative years learning about the intricate relationship between hard work and luck, in the midst of the personal computing revolution.

Early 2000s: Developed a strong interest in web technology as a disruptor of the status quo. This proved to be an ideal outlet for both my creative energy and my desire to generate opportunity through hard work.

2003: Graduated high school. Started a web development firm. Helped a lot of small businesses in established industries gain ground on much larger competitors.

2005: Business was good. Dropped out of college.

2007: Met my future wife.

2008: Co-founded DistiSuite - ecommerce designed specifically for wholesalers.

2011: Joined WizeHive.

2014: Released Zengine - point-and-click business applications for the "average Joe".

2015: Still loving every minute.

I enjoy meeting bright, talented folks. What's your story? Get in touch.

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