Anthony Sanna

Content Creator, Podcast Pro, and Email Aficionado in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Anthony Sanna

Content Creator, Podcast Pro, and Email Aficionado in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

What do you get when you mix the 5th born dyslexic son of Sardinian immigrants with a wicked sense of humour and lousy math skills?

> You get a worldview that is tolerant and curious and accepting of others.

> You get patience for dealing with people who need help.

> You get aptitude for explaining complicated technical concepts in plain English.

> You get an above average compulsion to satisfy curiosity about life in a way that makes sense to you so you can then explain that to other people.

> You get a passion for public speaking via podcast and broadcast fuelled by a dry, sardonic sense of humour.

My professional communications and marketing career started in 1990 as a freelance photographer. All these years later, I'm an Online Marketing Smarty Pants.

I help my business clients to stay connected to current customers and attract future customers with "world of mouth" online marketing strategies.

My work includes... being an online marketing consultant, podcast producer, creating email marketing campaigns for business, website development, social media consultant and social media community manager, I'm a community radio producer and host, audio editing, digital photography, video production for YouTube, copy editor and copywriting, and much more.

As a content producer and editor, I create content experiences with refined messages that help a business meet its communication goals.

If you search for me online, you'll see that I don't have an extensive website or social media presence. Instead, you'll find my name attached to the credits of numerous projects.

I prefer to focus on making my clients look good online, rather than spend my time telling you I'm good at it.

Essentially, I'm the coach on the sidelines, not the quarterback.

In my life, I've worked as a doorman, grocery clerk, taxi driver, commercial photographer, coffee guy, computer tutor, forklift operator, water filtration system installer, computer salesperson, event producer, social media genius, videographer and editor… more.

I enjoy working with clients that are making a positive impact on the world. I coach them, play with them, create with them, have fun with them, and together we make a positive impact. I LOVE it!

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Want to hear what I sound like? I was featured on the You Can Do That Here Podcast:

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