Anthony Armstrong

Philadelphia Pa

Hi everyone I started in music at JHS 117 in Brooklyn NY as a 6th grader under Mr Abdul Malik (formerly a bassist with Theolonius Monk) I was sent into a room with full of instruments to choose from, of course walked past all the other instruments to the only and biggest (LoL). Mr Abdul Malik saw this and stopped me and said that was his personnal Bass and the school didnt have one so he said I should start with Cello and one day work my way up to Bass. Well the Cello looked close enough to the bass but smaller I was ok with that. Those initial lessons were very tough. I stopped playing Cello and moved on to Baritone and then Trombone. Well many years later I began to teach myself bass and recaptured that excitement I had in the 6th grade. I've had alot of cathching up to do. I will continue to play until I cant (LoL) maybe someday I will get lessons again. My first gig was a solo gig at a upscale restaurant (it terrified me of course) I ended up getting a newspaper write up, which was quite flattering I will never forget it.