Building Seas

music production in Syracuse, New York

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"I refuse to be bound by other people's limitations, therefore I am free"

-Anthony Ceravolo

Professionally, I have just been promoted to maintenance; and I also act as a laborer / machine operator for a company who happens to be a leader in it's industry. This position has many excellent advantages and offers great advancement opportunities for individuals who learn fast and excel. I don't disclose certain details surrounding this position only because this practice allows me to share other details more freely without putting the company's name out there.

My experience is mainly construction, specifically Masonry. I am professionally trained in several masonry fields, and I am extremely proficient in regards to every certification I have achieved.

I also have a lot of office administration knowledge and experience, however this work environment has been less than appealing in several regards. Long story short, I don't particularly like being chained to a desk and phone unless the reward motivates me to do so.

Personally, I am a self sufficient recording artist - responsible for all recording, production and mastering in my home studio. I write and record my own work, playing a modest variety of instruments... Favoring bass the guitar, and keys. I own my own home studio, capable of satisfying just about any recording need. I do this strictly just for fun, but my productions are always audiophile quality.

Artist name "Buildingseas"