Anthony Frascatore

Capt. Anthony Frascatore's office is the deck of a sport fishing boat and the wide-open waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. When New York City resident Anthony Frascatore is not spending time with family, enjoying city life, or hunting, he is most likely leading sport fishing trips off of Mexico, the Atlantic Coast, or Florida.

Owner of AJF International Sportfishing, Anthony Frascatore guides charter fishing trips on both sides of North America. Since his first overnight offshore sport fishing trip at the age of 19, Anthony Frascatore has trained alongside dozens of world-class captains and crews, seeking out big-sport fish from Australia to Mexico and Texas. Anthony Frascatore's experiences includes fishing 22 tournaments in one four-month season in the Bahamas, then fishing the Mid-Atlantic $500,000, one of the largest tournaments on the East Coast. No matter where his sport fishing takes him, including winters in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and sailfish tournaments in Palm Beach and Stuart, Florida, Anthony Frascatore always returns to the East Coast to hunt for tuna.

With more than 13 years of experience in charter, tournament, and private fishing, Anthony Frascatore has fished for species throughout the world, using techniques that range from pulling plugs to bait and switching and dredge fishing with dead bait. When not running AJF International Sportfishing, Anthony Frascatore freelances for Over Under Adventures aboard the That's Right vessel. Anthony Frascatore, a graduate of the Chapman School of Seamanship, holds his 100-Ton Master Merchant Marine license from the United States Coast Guard. Read more about AJF International Sportfishing and Anthony Frascatore at